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Ryzen Memory Overclocking Step by Step


So I really have no idea on the subject so along comes Steve with Memory for Muppets....

If you aren't sure there on why then there is plenty of why you can and should but this by the numbers step by step makes the result 'easy'. If you brick your system I take ZERO responsibility as I am just the messenger do more research but there are good gains to be made especially with the APU's ;)

Tomorrows job with coffee in hand not a midnight job after a long day.

So was it worth it  :-//

Followed Steves instructions by the numbers in the video above and got reduced latency memory timings to stick and prove stable under stress testing  :-+

Old spec was 3200 CL16 Corsair Vengeance LPX finished up at a modded CL14 using the settings straight from the suggested Dram Calculator.

Result is a bit over a 3% improvement on PCmark as per below and a marginal improvement on 3D mark but it is heavily weighted on the GPU. I did try running the memory at a higher clock (3400) and slower calculated timings and it failed and reverted the BIOS back to the old one. It is possible with playing I guess to make this work but it pushed the latency back to 16 again.

Taking the 3+% gain and calling it done until I get to my 2400G build then there will be definite gains to be made as the RAM is shared for graphics duty.

More benchmarks.

meh and a half.

Interesting in that there is less than 2% in it for the sake of the 500 series motherboard over the B450 and the 3800 to tweaked 3200 memory on otherwise similar hardware.

Not sure why 3D Mark thinks I have the wrong drivers installed for my 580 but clearly it doesn't like something and I installed them onto a clean drive from a Gigabyte site Download. Also I get a better CPU score than yours but a lower graphics score :-//

That close, it could be just sampling variance on the CPU rating. The difference in the GPU is because I'm OCing the shit out of it; max 1450 sCLK & 2025 mCLK at approx 78°C by run's end. I bought the card because it is well-known to OC as high as 1500/2200 with "stock" cooler.  It'll start to throttle at ~82°C after 10 minutes or so of furMark, but typical gaming loads it stays mid-70s.

But alas, it is a "mere" Polaris chipset; that shit is SO last year.  ::)

Post a AIDA64 run; let's see your throughput vs CPU clock vs overall latency. The full battery of tests in one panel is under "Tools" in the upper right tab.

"Wrong" driver in my case is because I'm running the Adrenalin 2019 driver set; it's still "optional", so not approved stable, I guess. :-//



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