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My new Nikon Z30 is outside the return window, and I discovered that Nikon removed all links to legacy software and firmware on June 30.2022.  I wish I had seen that earlier.  Nikon has been contacted and won't budge. Did it destroy the software?  I doubt it. 

What I need is "Capture NX-D," which is known by other names such as NX Studio Ver1.2.0 (not 1.3.1).  There are a lot of sites that provide downloads.  I sorted through several and found two that seem safe:

Of the two, LO4D seems to have the better reputation, but that is not very convincing.  Does anyone here have experience with either or can propose a 3rd option?  My worry is mostly about malware and pup's. 


Softpedia has a good reputation, and still preserves old software.  I've used it many times in the past, never ever got anything malicious from there.  Google whatever program name you need followed by Softpedia.  If they have it, it's safe to download and install.

There is a link on this Nikon US page.

That's a false flag.  Click on the link, and it goes directly to the newest 2023  version.

I tired a lot of ways around that and got nowhere.  Then I went to Nikon Rumors and found the official letter from Nikon of the decision.  I even went through the hassle of calling Nikon support, and it was adamant.  No archived software is available.  Sure glad I don't own an older Nikon DSL camera.  All I want to do is open a NEF ("nikon electronic format," aka raw file) for manipulation.  Nikon's attitude is disappointing -- somewhat reminiscent of Mr. Smith's attitude* before he ran GM into the ground.


*"Americans will like what we build for them."  That preceded Honda's and Toyota's takeover of the market by a few years.

1. What is the problem with using the current NX-D version?

2. What image editor do you use?  You can open NEF files in Photoshop, GIMP (via plugins), etc.


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