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SATA Power Connector Wires Location

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I have an SATA power cable that has all black wires - no colors. It's just one of those extensions.

Coming from the L pin key side, which are 12V and which are 5V + and -?

You can find the pinout here.

Ah, really didn't mean pin out. I need to power wire diagram. Changed in Subject and description.

Then use the pinout diagram and a multimeter.
With 545 posts on this forum you have one of those, hopefully? >:D

Realistically, the order of wires is likely the same as that of the pins.

Nominal Animal:
What LateLesley wrote.

If the power connector is of the standard thin type, with thick wires, there is no room to rearrange them.  From pin 1 (the hook side), the wires are 3.3V (orange), GND (black), 5V (red), GND (black), 12V (yellow).  The colors in parentheses are the typical colors used by most manufacturers, but not guaranteed by any standard as far as I know (and OP mentioned theirs have all black).  There are 15 pins, and each wire is connected to three consecutive pins in typical power connectors.  If you have more than five wires, then you have one of the cables that supports staggered spin-up and/or pre-charge.

And like magic wrote, do use a multimeter to check the cable.  I did once burn up the logic board on an IDE HDD by using a 4-pin Molex power Y-splitter which accidentally had the 12V and 5V swapped.  So check; do not assume.


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