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SDL - WTF is that in my paid hardware..

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I was never really much fond to Intel methods of selling their stuff..

Working as a repair man along some decades allowed me to
build a pretty wide vision of hardware sellers and re-sellers..

The list is long.. but none of them ever compared to Intel methods.

WINTEL along the late 80 and all 90s.. caused me serious problems..
A lot of  prejudice and dozens of bad invested money...

But this time WTF ... this time..

Please just go to hell!
I am not willing to pay a crippled hardware ...
It may even be disabled without my consent.

There are others..

Paul :-\

The next step will be subscription based CPUs? :popcorn:


--- Quote from: madires on November 21, 2021, 02:53:23 pm ---The next step will be subscription based CPUs? :popcorn:

--- End quote ---

It seems already this way...

Bundled into their microcode or firmware ...
Supervised by UEFI and trusted by TPM shit...

WTF .. if you do not pay the rent they pull the plug..
or worst..  any bug or just mal function may render you stuff unusable..

WTF .. greed replaced responsible brains.

Just FUCK OFF these assholes..


PS not to mention EXTRA costs of power running daemons to supervise that shit...
and all the hassle to live with this...  fuck off

m k:
Since commuting with second hand EVs is a bit unknown personal long time renting is lifting its head.

Hand held computers have been up for quite some time and bigger ones down.

Maybe they are combining things and are visioning that old way has no serious money any longer.
Maybe they are right, for example I can't remember a broken motherboard without special external extras.

Here's a dirty little secret then: Your CPUs are already full of disabled features. Ones for higher end models, cores disabled to sell in a lower price bracket, and so forth. Intel are trying to make more money and provide greater flexibility by allowing you to unlock these later, but to you this is evil and stupid and.. well, doesn't impact you in the slightest so why are you whinging?


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