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so I bought qty=16 discs, 8 old gen, 8 new gen, and the video tells exactly the surprise I got :o :o :o

the old gen are faster than the new-gen  :-//

Is it about SMR vs CMR drives? SMR drives suck for intense workloads involving lots of non-sequential writes like typical server applications. Fortunately these days it's pretty well documented which drives are SMR and CMR, for example here for Seagate.

exactly the same disks as shown in the video  :-//

The Barracuda is SMR. That has been introduces about 6 years ago or something like that.
So your old hdds are probably from 6 years back or NOS ?
So if you want CMR you need the Barracuda Pro.
Also the salesprice is decreased dramatically which means the BOM should also drop significantly. They do that with SMR (less platters per capacity) but also with less cache RAM.

Nowadays I only buy enterprise datacenter drives. Much cheaper in €/GB and much better as in high MTBF, reliability and built quality (better bearings etc). They make more noise and run on higher speeds but I dont care about that. My WD Golds have 60000+ hours and not one error or bad sector.

Haven't bought a HDD in a while now, so I don't know what is currently the best performing ones.
Was always wary of Seagate stuff in the past, had very bad experiences with them, but it was a long time ago. I know the problems they had 20 years ago are long gone, but I'm still wary for probably no good reason.

Are the IronWolf series a safer bet compared to Barracuda?


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