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Share files and folders between W10 and Linux.

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I am going to install Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu) on the same SSD hard disk. I also have three other hard disk with data that I currently access from Windows 7.

The question is whether it is possible that the Linux installation can access the files and folders that I now have on those three other hard disk that I access from Windows, and which are formatted as NTFS.

In particular I am interested in being able to access the files of the Thunderbird email reader, to be able to manage the email both from Windows 10 and from Linux.

I may also be interested in accessing files created with LibreOffice and others, both from W10 and from Linux. Or create files in Linux that I can later use from Windows and vice versa, the data always being on other hard drives, not on the operating system's startup disk.

With Linux you can access all drives and partitions no problem but with windows you can't access Linux partition so you will need software for that

One way would be to run Linux or Windows in a virtual machine and access the host files through a network share. Another option is to look at WSL (running Linux under Windows directly). Both remove the requirement of dual booting which just sucks.

Waaaaaayyyyyy  back in 80s...

MS bought or "acquired" or whatever they need at time to
have some stuff to charge license fees for and literally implode
whoever gets in their way..

LAN Manager.. LANtastic.. whatever they did to rename that shit
it is a NetBIOS SMB Frankenstein dated 80s and suited to fill the
gap where Novell Netware was prevalent..

So..  by 90s they had a functional "GUI" with that  shitty services
where you are allowed to "share"  (your stuff) files.. printers..
with networked *windoozeee*  OS.. (by that time OS/2 already
had such similar SMB based stuff).. but interoperability of course
was never in the agenda..

So.. that 80s crap shit is still there..  mostly as their
solution to allow you to access your stuff (aside their new CLOUD)

Go SAMBA where that shit is functional and you can set a fully
operational interclient/server with whatever MS brain dead machine
and access all your stuff..

including printers... as long as they never ever allowed remote
printing services work as they should...

The DIGITAL LANDLORDS will never ever play nice..
you can bet that..

But any  SAMBA release  works  out of the box
as long your kernel is provided w/recent CIFS and
other shit evolved from that crap..

Paul  :-\

personally i would dual boot the computer with separate oses on each drive, you kick the bios boot option and choose the needed drive ?

Since you can use the same softwares between linux and windows :  thunderbird   libreoffice  .... i would not take the chance of fuc$#$$# something between the ose's

You have some linux utilities to dual boot a system ...  i'm not a linux fan    but i use Zorin Os  loll

If i recall  you have to install windows first,   linux based os'es  should see windows and offer a dual boot option ??

Or G-parted and Grub can help if i recall ??


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