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Should I get a new PS?

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If the 'real' problem is a desire for windows 7 use.  There ARE ways of installing Windows 7 on modern computers (CPUs).

E.g. The following video (which starts off explaining about USB compatibility issues, and various ways of getting around it).

You can also play around with Linux, some of which are partly (or more) similar to windows (e.g. Linux Mint) and with things such as (Wine, 'which is a sort of compatibility emulator for windows on Linux'), may be able to run the software you want to, which worked on Windows 7.

You can even try them, without actually installing them (via CD/DVD or USB flash pens, via LIVE versions).


--- Quote from: jpanhalt on May 06, 2023, 10:09:24 pm ---I love to code for a few hours early in the AM.

--- End quote ---

Who doesn't?
Never trust anyone who churns out code during regular waking hours.

Edit: There is a far side comic that I cannot find where it's dark save for a light on in one window of a building and the computer programmer in there yells "Oh, wow!". First one to find it for me wins a prize.

Three CPUs dying in the same machine in a similar fashion is harder to take as a coincidence.

If that’s indeed caused by a voltage spike, it still will be hard to debug: events are rare, reproduction is destructive and majority of cuases are on a multi-layer, tightly packed PCB. :/

If you are interested in fixing it, not debugging, I would just say: replace both the motherboard and the PSU. With my suspicion being rather towards the motherboard than power supply.

Wait for opinions from others, but my reasoning here is as follows. A motherboard contains its own voltage regulators. These are primarily SMPS. Pretty good at adjusting to changes in input the voltage and there is the inductor and output filters in the path of the current towards CPU. One does not simply pass a small voltage spike through that. Not terribly hard for a computer regulators, as they are meant to pass high currents and charge quickly, but in my mind still not on the likely side. At the same time only CPU is affected and always in the samme manner. Certainly the most fragile part, but a PSU causing massive enough voltage spikes and not upsetting anything else?

Do you monitor your CPU temperature? So your fan is working without issues; the heatsink paste is making a thermal circuit with the heatsink, the vanes of the heatsink are dust free and, if you overclock, the fan runs at full speed? I might suspect overheating if no other parts are breaking. Do you ever smell the smell of hot metal emanating from the case? The CPU fan could fail without you hearing. Is there a temperature alarm on your OS/Bios?

4:02 PM EDT Update

Early this morning, I installed a "refurbished" MoBo and new CPU.  Boot froze at "15" on the digital monitor with beeping  (debug LED code 15 = "pre-memory North-Bridge initialization started").  Wiggled and reset the DDR3 sticks without effect.  Took a break until about 3PM cogitating about it and doing errands.  Removed one of the DDR3 sticks and thing booted correctly (what luck -- see next).  Took care of some bios details, then moved the good DDR3 stick to the other slot.  It froze again.  Tried the original DDR3 stick in the working slot (no stick in the assumed bad slot) and still working normally.  There are 4 DDR3 slots, two grey and 2 black.  Next step will be to install both DDR3 sticks in the two black slots.  If that fails, I can live with just one DDR3 stack for the time being.

As for Andy's questions:
Yes, I run a CPU temperature utility and always wait for it to start cooling down (usually to 38 or 39°C maximum depending on ambient) before turning off.  (Home is not air conditioned.)

I originally used the boxed CPU cooler from Intel, but recently bought an enhanced cooler (BXTS15A), which is about 50% taller.  This rebuild has the newer cooler.

I do periodic vacuuming for dust and allow a little to accumulate before cleaning.  I also use the CPU temperature as a gauge for when it needs to be done.

I do not overclock.  I never smell hot metal or "hot electronics.". (The side of my case is open, and I visually check the three fans while operating.)


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