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Should I get a new PS?

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--- Quote from: jpanhalt on June 07, 2023, 08:40:11 pm ---Early this morning, I installed a "refurbished" MoBo and new CPU.  Boot froze at "15" on the digital monitor with beeping  (debug LED code 15 = "pre-memory North-Bridge initialization started").  Wiggled and reset the DDR3 sticks without effect.  Took a break until about 3PM cogitating about it and doing errands.  Removed one of the DDR3 sticks and thing booted correctly (what luck -- see next).  Took care of some bios details, then moved the good DDR3 stick to the other slot.  It froze again.  Tried the original DDR3 stick in the working slot (no stick in the assumed bad slot) and still working normally.  There are 4 DDR3 slots, two grey and 2 black.  Next step will be to install both DDR3 sticks in the two black slots.  If that fails, I can live with just one DDR3 stack for the time being.

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You probably have a bent CPU socket pin.

Life is too short to be fooling around with a problem like this. I still say you should just buy a new computer. The little HP Elite Mini I bought back in April is now my most used computer. Best $200 I've spent.!/msg4803890/#msg4803890


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