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Should I get a new PS?

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I generally go to bed quite early, unless I have company, and start my day at 0400 (local).  This morning, I woke a little after 0130 and as usual turned on my PC.  I love to code for a few hours early in the AM.  Total darkness.  Fans turn on, for a second or two, and then turned off.  Checked out PS with a much older PC, and it seemed to work.  So, I focused on the CPU, for which I had a spare.  That worked.  Five to 6 hours of terror later, I was up and running again.  I am Win7 with an i7-4770K CPU and Gigabyte MB.  That CPU was purchased used and worked fine for 2 years.  The original new one in 2015 gave me 7 years of service.

I am beginning to think there is a problem with the PS that kills my CPU.  PS is a Thermaltake 750W unit.  Advice?


PSU cannot just kill a CPU and motherboard remaining OK at the same time.

It's hard to say, but I would suspect the motherboard in this case before the PSU, unless the PSU is misbehaving in a way that is causing the regulators on the motherboard to act up. The core voltage of modern CPUs is very low at tens of amps, it probably wouldn't take too much of a spike to zap one.

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That was my thought exactly.  Is Thermaltake known for doing that? Is there a more reliable brand?

I'm so far out of the loop these days I don't even know, I thought Thermaltake was reasonable though. It's worth looking closely at the capacitors on the motherboard, and also you might try bench testing the power supply under load and looking at the outputs with a scope. Then again, power supplies are fairly cheap, so you could just replace it and see if any more CPUs fail, if the problem keeps happening then you'll have a spare PSU.


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