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So, here's the deal. I've used watercooling on my computers for years now. I did like the performance compared to air cooling, and the fact they would take up a lot less space on the motherboard itself. I've also done overclocking so those watercooling solutions worked well.

Gone from a couple AIOs to a custom loop over the years.

But I'm now getting sick of them. The probability of failure is much higher than with air cooling. Leaks are always possible, so you need to have a regular look at the installation. Even when it doesn't leak, air bubbles are also always possible at some point and can be a major annoyance (from noise, decreased cooling performance, to the pump failing.) All in all, they work great when they work, but they are just too much maintenance for my taste now.

So I'm looking for good air cooling solutions (ventirads), that are not too bulky (some of the current ones are VERY bulky and do not always fit easily on some motherboards, etc.)
The target TDP would be something between 150W to 200W.

Any good suggestions are most welcome. So far, I have my eye on the Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 (not the Pro, which is apparently pretty good, but much too bulky for my taste and use case.)

If you live some where cold put the computer outside during winter months. I deal with a lot of stuff with water cooling (not computer though) to not want to water cool my computer.


Interesting that you're running into failures. My custom loop has been running 24/7 for about 5 years now with no issue, maintenance about every 2 years.

Maybe look into how data centers to watercooling?




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