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As my hearing ages, I have difficulty with female voices and poor enunciation.  JBL earbuds were fine with Zoom testing and YT videos, but in a real Zoom situation, female and some male voices were unintelligible.  Volume was fine.

I am looking for a short-length soundbar that will allow tone control.  My Lenovo laptop w/ Windows 11 does not seem to allow that.  Inexpensive soundbars being considered are: Edifier MF200, Nylavee SK100 (NylavesDirect, Amazon, $60), Crutchfield Polk Audio ($79), and Yamaha SR-C20A w/ "clear voice."  The Yamaha length of 23" is a disadvantage.

Any comments on the above or other options, preferably less than $200?  My wireless Panasonic home phone extension has voice clarification, and that works fine for me.

Thank you, John

Never heard of soundbar, maybe you want to search for audio equalizer (or Audio EQ).  Should be plenty of free audio equalizers to download and use for free, even for Windows, but I don't know for sure because I didn't use Windows since many years ago.

Since you are using headphones, a headphone amplifier with a tone equalizer + physical potentiometers for tone corrections might be an interesting option, such that the same headphones amplifier + tone EQ device would work on any computer without heaving to install anything.

Aside from the above 2 options, an external USB soundcard based on Creative chips might be interesting, since these used to have loudness correction, tone correction, voice emphasizing, voice Crystalizer, voice whisperer and other DSP corrections/enhancements included in their drivers.  The effects panel I remember from windows was something similar with the one in the attachment.  Don't know the US price, but I expect second hand USB Creative Soundcards should be cheap (because previous models went out of fashion), yet still perfectly working.

Recently bought Creative Stage Air V2 - it's 40.5cm wide. One of the main reasons I picked this one because it has the old-fashioned stereo jack _and_ bluetooth and USB connectivity. Sounds fine and is cheap - might be worth picking up, return if you decide not clear?

This might be an extreme solution, however have you considered a new laptop with better audio? I'm a recent Mac convert and the current Apple Macbooks (even the Macbook Air) has outstanding audio for a laptop.

I am a Windows user, but do not like the newer versions.  Laptop was bought last August specifically for those sites and Zoom meetings that need Windows 11.  Windows 11 deleted the equalizer function that was apparently in Windows 10. I am considering getting an addon for that functionality.  It turns out that in Windows 11, the "sound enhancement" opton augments bass, which is the opposite of what I need.


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