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I might purchase this squirrel cage blower sold by Amazon:

The dimensions are provided, but it doesn't list specs on the air inlet flange.  I need
a blower with an inlet flange that will fit a standard 80mm fan mount on a Desktop
tower.  If necessary, I can build an 80mm adapter in my shop.  If there are squirrel
cage blowers with an 80mm flange, please provide the links.

Thanks guys.

The first and most obvious question is why do you need a blower in a desktop machine.

Ignoring that, using the amazing power of visual guesstimation, the height of those mounting holes seem to be about the same as the tops of the enclosure. If this enclosure is 90mm (it's slightly bigger than that), there's no way that's 80mm.

The second question, is if you can build an bracket to mount it anyways, why are you worrying about what size it is?

Andy Watson:


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