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Strange problem booting an old Dell laptop running Linux

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You can also set the initial kernel graphics mode by passing the vga= parameter on the kernel command line, using three digit codes as such:

If it's a problem with X, you can also disable X (on systemd systems it's usually by disabling a login manager like lxdm, gdm, lighdm, sddm, etc) and then install the appropriate drivers for your system. If you have Intel graphics, there can be issues with the modesetting and xf86-video-intel drivers alike, so you can install or select on or the other in your xorg.conf (if you need to generate one do as su X -configure and then cp /root/ /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/xorg.conf).

If you're using nvidia drivers, you might be using nouveau, the open source nvidia driver implementation, that often has issues with hardware. In this case you can try using the proprietary nvidia drivers (on most distros called "nvidia") which tend to work better.


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