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Suggestions for a UPS (200$ max)

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--- Quote from: james_s on November 10, 2022, 05:31:37 pm ---No, they are two different things, although most double conversion UPS's will also be rackmount. It's more of a professional vs consumer thing.
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So is the advantage of a used online (aka double conversion) pure sine wave rackmount ups (like the Xanto RS 1500) its reliability in comparison with a brand new average-quality "domestic" pure sine wave one (like the cyberpower cp900epfclcd)? What about in the long time working comparison? I mean in 10 years will their maintenance costs be the same? In other words will they have the same probability of breaking down? If the xanto will stop working for a damage (eg. a broken cap or other reasons) will it be as easy and cheap to repair as the cyberpower?
I ask all these questions because this UPS is an investment for me in the long time and now I want to spend my (few) money in the best way for my future.

What about the VA/W I need? I know "the more VA the better it is" but what's the minimum for my equipment? I think 850-900VA can do the "job" now because my goal is that in 5-6 years its battery has to be still able to supply my equipment for one minute or so during a blackout, just the time to switch off those 120-140 Watts my PC uses. What do you think?

Commercial IT grade devices will generally be much higher quality but even most consumer UPS's are very reliable, the thing that usually fails in both is the batteries. Larger units will have larger/more batteries that cost more.

The VA you need depends on the load you plan to run. If in doubt, use one of those Kill A Watt type devices to measure the power, or even just use a true RMS DMM to measure the current since that will get you VA which is what you need in this case.

Yep. When selecting UPSs, look for replacement batteries and see if they are easily available.

Something I forgot to mention about the capacity, the ratings at least on consumer UPS's are usually very optimistic. If you actually try to pull 800VA from an 800VA UPS it will be drawing 30-40 amps from those poor little SLA batteries and will fully discharge them in just a couple of minutes, that's brutal treatment. Personally I try not to load a UPS up to more than about half the rating.


--- Quote from: pcprogrammer on November 08, 2022, 07:02:02 am ---I'm using "Eaton Ellipse"  UPS models for my computers. Not pure sine wave on the output, but they keep my computers running during blackouts. Long enough to finish something and turn the computers of when the blackout starts to last more then 20 minutes.

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My very first goal is to preserve my PC's hw health from brown/blackouts, especially my mechanical WD hard disk. Afaik as soon as a brownout occurs its plate spins slower and its head scratches the plate so it's worse than a blackout.

Few months after I built this PC I emailed corsair to ask them suggestions about the shape form an UPS that supplies it must have and they replied:

--- Quote ---If you wish to purchase a UPS to have your system plugged into we recommend that you stick to a sine wave UPS.

--- End quote ---
What exactly does "sine wave" mean? "Pure sine wave" or just "approximated sine wave"? I think you can interpret it how you prefer!


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