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The end of the Hard Disks

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I have read several articles with the same title during the last years, giving the HDD as finished.
For me the HDD will still be indispensable for many years to come as a mass storage medium.

Forbes: Death Of The Hard Disk Could Come Sooner Than We Thought

TECHTARGET: Hard disk drives to remain dominant storage media in 2022


are you sure ?
samsung already sells 30TB ssd drives, whereas the biggest hard drive I know of it "only" 20TB in size.
ok the 20TB hard drive costs 10x less than the 30TB ssd, but in 5 years at most the ssd price will drop at the same level.
mass storage will come soon to ssd, and hard drives will remain only for their lower price.

Yeah, the end for personal devices - desktop computers, laptops, etc - sure. It has already happened for the most part.

But SSDs are still way too expensive per storage unit for large capacities, and the need for more storage is going to increase exponentially, at least on servers.

I don't know when the cost of SSDs will plummet enough to be a better alternative. But with the production issues we're currently experiencing in the semiconductor industry, I do not expect that to happen within 5 years. We still don't even know if things are gonna be completely back to "normal" within 5 years - not to mention being able to increase production several fold.

Not so sure about that. We stopped buying non SSD storage off Amazon about 2 years ago. We have no hard disks at all anywhere globally any more.

Think we have 500TB just in one amazon region...

harddisks are irreplaceable for long-term backups!

if you leave a MLC SSD unpowered and uncooled for some years,
you will see massive data corruption.

SSDs need to be powered up regularly, so the firmware can do a background refresh data of flash cells that leak.


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