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transporting ps/2 kb & mouse and a Wacom tablet via serial: feasible?

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--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on June 29, 2022, 10:10:55 am ---The thing that could bite is the latency, so do carefully consider what kind of a protocol you'll use.

Personally, I'd use a combined substream-and-length byte, with 8-N high bits the substream channel, and N low bits indicating length; maybe 4:4, with zero channel reserved for transport and configuration messages, and zero byte (zero channel, zero length) reserved for synchronization.  That way, sending 17 zero bytes ensures the other end is synchronized, no matter what was sent before.

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yup! Good points!

I am also considering VHDL design on two small CPLDs for both the two parts, and in this case I can go up to 20MBps with an auto-synchronization protocol over RS422 PHY.

I will see next days :D


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