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UEFI, Windows 10, Linux and Setting the Time

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About six months ago I changed my workshop PC, the new unit is a multi-CPU beast made by Fujitsu and it has a UEFI BIOS. Windows 10 Home was loaded first so that I can talk to my bench instruments and then I loaded Linux Mint. All appeared fine and things have been running without problems until this Sunday.

Then the clocks went back one hour........................

Daylight saving isn't enabled in either the MS Windows or Linux install because until now I've just changed the CMOS time and then got on with life but UEFI seems to be different. I altered the time in the BIOS then found that Linux was correct but Windows 10 showed one hour ahead. So, I altered the time in Windows 10 only to find that the UEFI BIOS time was now one hour out, leading to an error in Linux. For the last fifteen minutes I've been chasing my own damn tail as I alter the CMOS time then find that Windows is incorrect, then alter the Windows setting which also changes the CMOS.

ARRGGGHHHH !  :scared:

Has anyone ever come across a Windows 10 PC that can change it's own UEFI settings, especially the time, and how do I make the system time a read only event?

If you don't let the OS alter the RTC time, the drift will likely be a problem.

The issue here, is that Windows stores local time and Linux, by default, stores UTC. There should be some documentation on adjusting that behaviour for your distro somewhere.

I guess this is what you need.


Thank you to the two of you, despite working with PCs since the days of DOS the cause of all this was unknown to me and the issue is now fixed.


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