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Updating Windows 7

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Note this includes the telemetry, nag files etc.

Had a play, you can archive all the updates from Windows update service and offline install again later with a fresh install by following something like this:

Install Windows 7, then SP1, then Service Stack Update, then Convenience Rollup, then any newer updates.

All the downloaded updates get cached to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\ into folders. So you take a copy and get the order they were downloaded by the date/time. Any .cab files can be installed with Pkgmgr otherwise .msu files can be extracted and then installed by Pkgmgr (native to Windows 7).

So this entire process looks like it can scripted to just dump a copy of all your updates on a clean install and do silent installs with reboots in between if needed.

The bit more time consuming part is correlating the list of updates included in the convenience rollup and excluding or uninstalling undesired updates. Then will need to check the slipstream process and make sure they can all be incorporated that way as well.

Windows 7 had End of Life, meaning no more updates released, two years ago. Don’t confuse signature updates for Defender with actual Windows updates.


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