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USB C Multi Port Charger Recommendations?

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Looking for a reliable brand, robust, torn down, tested, reviewed for safety/compliant etc.

It's for a mix of devices but some of them are fast charging so at least 2 ports fast charging USB C. 4 ports total or a couple of 2 ports will be enough. Need also a cable brand that have been tested (data/power etc) to the latest USB C standard with good plastics/connectors.

Any good place to start, brand names, channel/videos? I figure some of you have been all over this a few times before, please share experiences/research.

Might not be exactly what you're after, but the Ikea SMÃ…HAGEL charges are of decent quality (especially for the price). They come in 3-port and 1-port flavours.
Big Clive has done a few teardowns.

I have a Ugreen  Nexode 65W charger. It has 2 USB C PD outlets aND 2 usb 2 outlets (purple, whatever that means).
I can't point to a teardown but Ugreen seem generally of good quality - I have a few of their other products too.

I looked for it on Amazon and it appears to have been replaced by 100W, 165W and 200W models with up to 6 ports.

I've been going with Anker or Monoprice lately.

The last I bought was a Baseus 100W (this: )
It does meet its specs. I've tested it with a USB PD controller for a project I was working on.


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