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VGA/HDMI to LVDS: what chip do they use?

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there are a few cards on ebay that accept VGA or HDMI signals and drive LCDs:

what chip do they use?  :-//

I mean, what "chip do they use" to convert VGA (or HDMI) into "FPD-Link" a serial protocol, which transmits parallel data { R, G, B, HSync, VSync, DataValid } serially.

E.g. using a 6-bit LCD panel, 6-bits per color channel { { R0..R5}, { G0..G5 }, { B0..B5 }, VSync, HSync, DataValid } are transmitted using 3 LVDS lanes and 7:1 serialization.

Nominal Animal:
Adafruit HDMI 4 Pi uses Realtek RTD2662, based on the board image on page 4 of the data brief (in Chinese).  There are lots of similar chips, including ST GM5621.  The data briefs seem to call these (X-input) LCD Controllers or Flat Panel Controllers.  Actual datasheets seem to be very hard to come by.

I assume you are aware of this Hackaday project log?

Mouser sells TI DS90UB949 serializers (HDMI to FPD Link III) and DS90UB948 deserializers (FPD Link III to LVDS/OpenLDI); you'll find these in the Serializers & Deserializers - SerDes category.  DS90UB940 is MIPI DSI to FPD Link III, and DS90UB941 is FPD Link III to MIPI DSI.


--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on April 08, 2024, 02:19:29 pm ---I assume you are aware of this Hackaday project log?

--- End quote ---

I remembered that "HX6810-A IC, no datasheet to be found so far, but please do keep looking"  :-//

More than anything I wonder: what's inside those Chinese chips? an MPU? coupled with dedicated ASIC and an output stage seen in Zynq's TMDS33 outputs?
A TMDS type thing (used by DVI/HDMI) with an open drain differential standard terminated at 3.3V at the receiver end?

mumble  :-//

I think of an MPU, because some of those cards show a logo at the start, in addition to the fact that they also show a menu, where it is possible to set some screen characteristics, such as moving the screen a little to the right, left, up , low, widen it, narrow it, center it, etc


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