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W11 - Worth upgrading from W10 ?

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Our diy desktop runs W10 with an old Asrock H81M mobo and an Intel i3 4170  which are not TPM / W11 compatible etc.

To run W11 we would need to update the mobo,cpu and ram which would come in at around  GB £250-£300 for something like a socket 1700 i3 12100 cpu.

We use it for typical home office work, along with some cad and micro ides etc.

Its a private machine, well backed up etc so wondered if there is any real point in updating to  W11  ?


yes, if you envy MacOS taskbar...

Despite our own opinion, and our hardware that Microsoft says will not support W11, when will we be forced, against our will, to switch?

M$ will not force you, but the vendors of the tools that you swear your life with will. So be careful on what tools that your life will dependent on.. btw, you can find in googles/youtube the other way around, that on how people force win11 on unsupported hw.. by birthright, my hp z800 should not be running win10, but somehow i managed to play mixed reality with it. ymmv.


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