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What are the most expandable, backwards compatible, modern computers?

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David Hess:

--- Quote from: Doctorandus_P on May 22, 2022, 06:32:37 pm ---Most MoBo's still have a serial port (or maybe two?) even though it's probably not on the back side. It's often just a 0.1" header tugged away in some corner, and maybe the signals are only TTL without line drivers. But it's not a selling point for a long time so shops don't advertise it. You have to check the booklet of the MoBo you're interested in for this.
--- End quote ---

The problem with mine was that the serial port UART was built into the chipset, and the board was laid out with the header for RS-232, but the external level translator and header were left out despite the specifications and documentation indicating a serial port.  So I installed a PCI serial/parallel board and all was well.


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