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What browser for KDE/Linux - Firefox ESR just upgraded to ugly and slow

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About a year ago Firefox became ugly and slow.  Firefox ESR was a refuge until today.  Today, Firefox ESR upgraded to an ugly look, v91.3.0esr, just like the one that makes me move from Firefox to Firefox ESR.

I'm using a desktop with a 4k monitor and a mouse, so I don't want the phone/tablet-like design, with wasted empty screen areas and elements without borders/delimiters.  I'm looking for a desktop-oriented look and feel.

What to replace Firefox with, what browser worth tested?
(preferably something that works well with KDE, and preferably not a slow loading snap package)

I use Opensuse Leap (at work and at home) with the latest Firefox.
I hate the changes Mozilla made in the graphical interface, specially the tabs.
But I'll continue to use it because I believe it's the best browser if you care about your privacy.
I have no problems related to speed or memory usage.
Also, if we want to keep the internet open and free for all, more people should use Firefox.

I've installed to test Otter (its declared goal is to look like the old Opera 12, but using Qt5) and Falkon (former QupZilla) to test in the next days, and see if they are missing any of the must have (either native or as a plugin):

- dark theme
- night-owl (automatically apply a dark theme to light-themed webpages)
- 100% addblocker
- save full webpage as single file (complete/offline html or pdf)

Long term FF user here but agree with comments above.
It's always annoying when programmers run out of useful stuff to do and think 'making the UI look nicer' is required, then go on to break well established UI principles, because hey, it's funky.
Tab indexers disconnected from the page, turned into buttons, WTF?
Double spacing on all menus items, WTF?
Just stop it, if you run out of useful stuff to do, go on holiday until the next security scare arrives, it won't be long.
Win11 looks like the same BS.

This dude has fixed some issues but I can't be bothered installing it as the next update will probably break it.

Is this any help:


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