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What did windows just try to do to me ????

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My PC was acting a little slow and it said win10 needed updates so eventually I restarted w/ the updates..........and I think it tried to install windows 11, with a bunch of things asking for a cell phone, or IDK, other stuff, I don't even own, like a cell phone, I don't need 1.

And after looking at this windows login /re-install/type screen for a while, I just turned off my PC. The restarted, and wow....Bill Gates,m let me go back to normal windows 10, no cell phone # required, no vaccine, no eugenics

I must prepare fresh Linux install. This is Saturday night, I don't want to have Bill Gates interrupt my BF1/4 gaming.

I can even see old Bill's POV, and thank him for the many great things windows has given me over the years, yes thanks BillG

Are you sure you don't have a virus or malware?

Mine did the same--they are getting more and more insistent that you have a Microsoft account.

Yes, it is malware.  Unfortunately it is malware that is part of Windows and distributed by Microsoft.

Ah, the joys of Microsoft's  Win10 OOBE (Out Of Box Experience)

Sometimes when Win10 does a feature update it re-runs the OOBE  'Privacy Settings Experience', presumably because it needs your permission to harvest even more data. 

That's not the worst it can do: Under certain circumstances OOBE can lock up after opening a fullscreen blank black window, which is always on top so you cant switch to another task or even use task manager to close it, leaving you FUBARed unless you've either got a local admin user account on the box that doesn't need to run OOBE, so you can run task manager from that to kill the OOBE task, or if you reboot in safe mode to disable OOBE. 

To disable OOBE  'Privacy Settings Experience', see

Alex Eisenhut:
Probably trying to push MS Teams on you. On Windows 7 there is a utility to prevent the "get Windows X" upgrade process from running.

There doesn't seem to be one for preventing Win 11 on Win 10, but:


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