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What linux distributions is everyone using?

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I have a fairly elaborate home network of computers.  Two servers running Ubuntu acting as nfs and samba storages (one backs up the other), Windows 10, and 11 workstations, Mac workstations, and Linux workstations. 

My question is about Linux.  Ubuntu used to be small and nimble.  But I'm not so sure about the latest version, 22.0.4.  It seems bloated, and I am even having stability issues.  Samba disconnects periodically and randomly.  ntp service fed by gpsd simply doesn't recognize the GPS device (worked on 20.0.4).  Plainly put, it feels it's coming closer to how Windows used to be.

I'm not trying to find the best, as it really is a matter of opinion and use case.  But I am curious what Linux distributions everyone is using for server and workstation duties.  Would guys mind sharing that information with short descriptions on why?

Thanks in advance.

Mostly Ubuntu. I switched from fedora years ago, for a variety of minor reasons that I can no longer enumerate.

I do like apt better than yum, but I doubt that was a major driver.

I use artix linux, which is like arch without system d. I run it in my fairly outdated thinkpad and it's great.

I've been experimenting with dwm and dwmblocks as my tiling window manager/user interface and it's great for tinkering due to how easy it is to interface it with custom scrips/programs.

There's a installation script ( from Luke Smith (somewhat famous linux youtube guy) that installs it and a lot of neat dotfiles on a bare arch/artix install. I recommend everyone interested in linux installing it in a older unused laptop to start playing with it.

I dropped CentOs in December and installed Debian. I am very satisfied with it.

Linux Mint on two PCs using Ryzen 7 1700s.

One of them runs 24/7 for Einstein@home. The other PC I use in the evenings to keep in touch (like this forum) while also running Einstein@home. Seems to be a very reliable system for the last few years I've been using it.


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