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What to do to check/rescue a dumped PC?

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--- Quote from: Zucca on December 21, 2022, 05:17:35 pm ---
--- Quote from: MK14 on December 07, 2022, 12:48:01 am ---So you end up spending $10,000 on the $100 beater wreck of a car.  Instead of buying a sensible car, at the beginning for $6,000+.

--- End quote ---
In general you are right, but it needs to analyze every single case at the end. Not all used wreck of cars are the same.

Anyway just to close the circle:
- tossed the DELL mobo, saved the coin cell battery.
- tossed the DELL PSU after saving out some components I could use (inductors mainly)
- tested the i7 6700 with another MOBO --> same shit no video output, CPU fan on but no video.

I have to assume the i7 6700 is bad as well, so I will toss it. The Dell mini tower case will be tossed as well, saving all the fans.

My father in law had two Lenovos thinkcenter mini tower he did not use, so I save you the details but I will move one with those two and call it the day.

I will return all the parts I bought in amazon prime, so no money was wasted in this rescue action, only some time.

Long story short, the guy who dumped it knew what he was doing.

--- End quote ---

Maybe the power supply (it should have had effective overload protection) blew the CPU and/or Motherboard, or the previous owner abused the system so much, they ended up breaking it.

As you say, used stuff, can get very complicated.  Especially when you don't know its history.

EDIT: On reflection, I was actually reading up recently on those i7-6700 (Skylake) and related Coffee lake (and Refresh) parts.  There are quite a few different chip set series, despite the similar CPU socket, they are often incompatible, both for slightly later, or slightly earlier parts.
I.e. You can easily need at least 3 motherboard types, to cope with the various CPU variants (Skylake, Coffee lake and the Coffee Lake refresh ones, on essentially the same socket), so care is needed.

Intel were way too keen to change motherboard/chipsets at the drop of a hat, and make them incompatible with each other.

So assuming you took that into account, I suppose it may well be a bust CPU.

N.B. I could have mis-understood the article(s) I read, so don't take what I just said as being definitive, best to independently check things.

I think you have put some time and effort into it.  So, if it still wasn't working, it makes sense to do exactly what you just said.  I.e. Call it quits.  You tried, at least.

Happy ending... I sold that dumped i7 6700 for about 70USD in evilbay.



--- Quote from: Zucca on January 18, 2023, 04:05:03 pm ---Happy ending... I sold that dumped i7 6700 for about 70USD in evilbay.


--- End quote ---

Selling that crap is awfully close to fraudulent behavior.

And on top of wasting your own time you're now also wasting others people time.

Maak je geen zorgen mijn vriend.

I cleary stated in the Ebay description what in my tests I got no video from that CPU. I did not force anybody to bid on my auction.
Yes wasting time is terrible, this is why I will not respond to any of your future posts.

I am clearly not your friend.

And I'll assume there is as much truth in the other things you write.


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