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What to do to check/rescue a dumped PC?

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I found a spotless Dell mini tower XPS 8910 in the dump, sticker says i7... :D. Looks like new.
It does not boot because there is no RAM in it. I just ordered 4x16GB DDR4 just to give it a try.
Then MEMTEST86 it and see what happens.
I tend to say 4x8GB is plenty for my bench PC to use it with a Picoscope, but you know me I can't resist to max out the RAM.

Any further particular stress tests you guys suggest to check a unknown PC found in the garbage?

Run a stress test, e.g. prime95.
Check if there's any SMART disk errors.


--- Quote from: tunk on November 29, 2022, 03:03:21 pm ---Check if there's any SMART disk errors.

--- End quote ---

There was no RAM, nor disks just a CD reader.
I would install of course a SSD and let it go.

I hope the MB [EDIT] and the PSU arer just fine.

Go hunting for the porn folder?  :-//

As it's a Dell PC, just use their own pc check utilities on it. Assumes it boots, allows you into bios, and recognizes everything, all you need next is an OS. The dell utilities will exercise all the parts.

Throw an SSD in it, load up a temp win10 OS on it, and finally load up an appropriate pc check utilities from dell's website. You can then test all the hardware to see what has happened in this PC's hard life, to end up on the dump heap.

That's not the worst abuse I've seen, so it might work out for you ... a hurricane was the worst, with PC being relocated by tornadic winds, saltwater exposure, etc.

Some dumps have a special "location" for electronics, and if one has the time, it might be worth it to look through the stuff being dropped off, to find similar gems such as your dell tower, or UPS's that just need a battery, specialized audio equipment, and so on.

Hope this helps ...


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