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Where is the ambient temperature sensor on a Proliant DL380p G8?

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I scored a nice deal on a HP Proliant DL380p G8 (since I have 192GB of DDR3 LRDIMMs to use, otherwise I would have picked something newer even though $68 is hard to beat), it works well but the ambient temperature sensor reads about 20F less than the actual ambient temperature. Where is that sensor located so I can try to fix it? It's the version with 25 2.5" drive slots if that makes a difference.

Typically they are mounted on the motherboard themselves.

I have a couple of ML350s, these come with the "Sea of sensors" - I assume this is the same on this machine. So there will be quite a few temperature sensors in there.

If it is the ambient sensor it should be located at a fan inlet.

If you need to know it roughly, than look to iLO, you can look to the map of the temperatures. It need to be in front of the disks or very close to the front, since the air intake is there and the sensor should not measure the temperature behind the disks.


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