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--- Quote from: evb149 on November 20, 2021, 10:34:08 pm ---A lot of people find Proxmox_Virtual_Environment to be convenient but I think Vmware Workstation is probably more used in commercial / enterprise types of scenarios for general virtualization on workstations.

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I tried Proxmox as desktop alternative, interesting beast - I ran usual Windows as VM with pass-through PCIe and USBs from Proxmon to VM.
You literally can run multiple desktop OS's and be closer to a native hardware. :)

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I think I read somewhere that the free version of Proxmox has some kind of nag screen though.
If you go the KVM route there is Cockpit which gives you remote management. I haven't used it myself, I only use virt-manager.

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When you login or run updates, it will warn you that you don't have an active subscription (and thus don't have access to the enterprise repository). Whilst it would be nice to dismiss this message, for me it's not really an annoyance or an issue. You can disable the enterprise repo if you aren't using it, so it won't try to check it for updates (and fail), but you still get the warning about the subscription upon login.

On the subject of updates, whilst you'll get the underlying Linux updates just fine, you'll need to manually update Proxmox to later versions yourself. It's not difficult, just a few lines in the shell, but it is something to be mindful of if you're expecting to just click "update" in the GUI.

All this is a very minor inconvenience for a solid hypervisor that just works.


--- Quote from: Wuerstchenhund on November 25, 2021, 05:30:56 pm ---+1 for VMware Workstation. We use it (and VMware Fusion on Mac) to develop VM-based solutions and then push them out to our vSphere ESXi clusters, which you can do from workstation/Fusion with the press of a button.
Personally I use a similar setup at home, creating VMs under Workstation or Fusion on my PC or laptop, and the push them out to one of my home servers which run the free version of ESXi.

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I purchased a license for VMWare Workstation Pro 16 as a temp solution. I'm not discounting vSphere but the license fee is a factor I need to think about more. Proxmox requires a minimal yearly support fee which will add up over time. Right now I'm looking at purchasing a dedicated server and will decide once that arrives.


--- Quote from: brichards42 on November 27, 2021, 01:33:06 am ---I think I read somewhere that the free version of Proxmox has some kind of nag screen though.

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I'm not too worried about that as we will purchase a support license which every way we go. But I understand for the community saying your product is 'Free' and then nagging to get paid does not site well. The yearly community license is too high for casual use in my opinion.


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