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Who use the VHF for Short Range Devices (here in Europe)?!


Lord of nothing:
For example:
138,200 MHz - 138,450 MHz - Short Range Devices FSB-LD074
On 151Mhz "Band" are Channel for Traffic Lights and Medical Device.
And other for Remote Controlled cranes.
Also on 169Mhz Band are some Short Range Stuff there.  :-//

So who use that Various Freq on VHF for anything?

There are certain transceivers from TI that can work in the 169MHz range.

LoRa covers from 137MHz to 1020MHz.
Check the datasheet of Semtech SX1276.
It covers LoRa and FSK on the same chip.

SX1262 covers LoRa, FSK, GFSK, MSK and GMSK from 150MHz to 960MHz.


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