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Why in 2019, Linux still have problem with "certain" GPUs ?

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Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: legacy on November 08, 2019, 01:45:12 pm ---They did their gold ages, it's time for new things.

--- End quote ---
My thoughts exactly.

We do need a new OS that caters to current needs better.
If we look at hot parts of the Linux kernel, they are things like cgroups and all sorts of interprocess-interprivilege buses, things like virtualization, sandboxing, BSD jails, flatpak/snap/runtime environments...

Revamping the standard C library to something closer to current hardware would also be nice.

Hello friends.  I am late to this party but I really think AMD stepped up its game lately not only with video card support but also support of its APUs in Linux.  They seem to just work.  Also give Torvalds his due, but Unix existed long before Linux, and Linux has branches out to Android, Chrome, etc.  and those continue to grow and diverge from the original, and from each other.   Nobody gave up automobiles when Henry Ford died, either. 


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