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Why in 2023 does this simple task break Windows 10 ?

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I'm trying to find a radio schematic or article I have on my PC, and so in File Explorer I enter terms in the search box, and also click to organize by date. And it breaks file explorer, it just can't get past about 1/2 way without the program just closing, no error or warnings.  I'm guessing it's the 'list by date part' that breaks it, but that's crazy. I have a top of the line machine, with SSD's, and I'm only searching on 1 SSD, and it's perfectly healthy.

If Bill Gates tried the same search on Windows 10, would it happen to him too ? And would he care anymore ?

I've always hated Windows search function. It's so utterly useless.

When searching for some source code, or variables from file content, there is nothing that beats Linux command line tools. Fortunately you can do this also in Windows from the git command prompt or using WSL (using "find", "grep" etc.).

Bill Gates uses Macs.

Windows is naff.
What a carry on to add a network device.
It takes settings all over the place to get it working.

I use "searchmyfiles" app to find files and contents.

You can search all day with GUI apps (whilst tuning them), whereas if you learn to use the command line and a few basic unix commands, you will find what you seek in two seconds.


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