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Win 7 Speech recognition -- Jump to Component Altium


Hi again!

When hand populating a board, I have Altium running and make use of the J-C key sequence (Jump to component)  to find component locations. I always re-annotate boards with a logical sequence and that helps but I still end up searching sometimes.

It would be really handy if I could use speech recognition to get Altium to zoom in on the location, when I say something followed by the component designation.  Is there a free or cheap speech recognition program for Win7 that would allow me to this without needing to type any keys?

I would not be surprised if someone is already doing this.

Thanks, J


I tried speech recognition in Win 7 and it actually works  I say   "Press JC Press C5 Press enter"  and Altium zooms to C5,  "press page down" and it zooms out, easier than I thought.

Hands free component locating. Now if I could just grow a 3rd hand, one for the tweezers, one for the solder and one for the iron, I could really be productive.


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