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Windows 10 serial port COM port changes

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Right.....  if this was an older USB kind, I wouldn't be surprised.  This thing connects to PCIe bus.  I thought it was strange.

Oh that is strange, I'm not sure why I assumed it was USB.

I found a potential problem.  Device driver that was loaded by default was from 2014.  Updated to the latest (2016).  Hopefully, this one is better.


--- Quote from: Electro Detective on September 29, 2019, 02:00:45 am ---The USB thing caught me out a few times and caused drama when plugging stuff back in after a PC service, re-location, or single PC replacement in a network etc.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, that can be a bit of a pain, but usually it is just the drivers.  If it isn't looking for a Windows built-in driver, it (stupid Windows) will probably want to know the path to the original driver installation media, even if the driver is already installed, even if the device was previously working fine before plugging it into a different port.  Of course, years later the directory it was installed from is often long gone.

The trick in those cases is to simply point it at the directories where the actual (already installed) files are.  This often takes a couple minutes as you point it back and forth between Windows/System32/Drivers and Windows/System32... or the INF folder, and sometimes some C:\Program Files or Common Files or whatever place the particular file is hiding.... but it works.

If the usual C:\Windows\System32 and ..\Drivers don't work, I just open a search dialog and search for the various filenames as the installation process asks for them, then point it to that directory, hit OK, then repeat until it has "re-loaded" all the files from their existing locations.   :palm:

Way to go, Microsoft.   :-DD   Decades into USB and we're still doing Plug-And-Pray at it's finest.


--- Quote from: drussell on September 29, 2019, 12:35:15 am ---The OP was talking about PCIe cards, of course, so this isn't quite the same as USB, although many USB serial devices DO have unique identifiers beyond the device type ID and ARE uniquely identifiable to Windows. 

--- End quote ---
I looked passed that and assumed the OP was using USB. I think I have tried to use PCI serial port cards in the past but for some reason my experience with USB to RS232 adapters has been far better.


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