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Windows 10 serial port COM port changes

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That's surprising really, I would have expected PCI-e to be more robust like a real hardware serial port, however these days maybe the USB stuff is so much more common that it gets more attention.

Sorry if I repeat somthing that has been said already (did not read all the posts):

1) If you connect the same USB device that creates a virtual COM port to a different USB port, it will receive a different COM number. Make sure you plug devices always to the same USB port.
2) As already said, you can specify what device get which COM port. Just make sure you don't assign the same COM port twice. That gives some odd results.
3) Take care what driver you install. Never is not always better! If you use a USB device that uses a clones PROLIFIC chip, a new driver may not work at all. I always keep an old driver for this device (2009). It works fine with cloned IC's.



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