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I am battling the Windows 10 updates mechanism for my next workshop setup template.

Already set to disable updates from automatically installing in Group Policy but that does nothing.

Last week I was working on something and all of the sudden the screen went blank. Was it power failure? was the power button pressing against something under the desk? No it turned on with the screen that updates are installing. Can't tolerate that and I feel I have no control over my own stuff anymore if I let that nonsense go on. How dare they intrude and interfere like that with no warning. I was infuriated.

I thought I disabled quite a few culprits responsible for re enabling it and turning it back on but they are more others services such as usocore.exe rempl and waas medic. They seem permission protected and in task scheduler with no way to to gain ownership on this particular installation. When I removed some of the unwanted services in the hive and they are recreated on startup. I thought I couldn't delete and take ownership and it might have something to do with GPT partition even when accessing the drive elsewhere but I found I could take ownership and delete on an MBR copy. I am looking at a MBR installation from an image that I just cloned months ago and put the key in which worked.

For what I am going to use it for I just want to be left alone and want to install the updates I want manually.
If I need something I'd go to that catalogue to download it.

See pictures.

Just now when I moved the modules out and took ownership of the task scheduler keys I found I can delete stuff out.
I switched off the services to the apps (that I never use) and removed all the crap I know I am not going to need.

I have a disc image just incase there are problems in future.

No more "apps", silly insulting scaremongering alerts in a patronising terminology.
No more interruptions or harassment.
Just the way I want it like before where I can do what I want.

If you want control then it's time to consider an alternative to Windows. There are endless threads here complaining about Windows. It is what it is because the majority of Windows users like my family just don't think about it.

Yes, I know it will come to that.

I know there are endless complaints elsewhere and I had to do a lot more looking into it but I found a solution for now to the above problems.

--- Quote from: AntiProtonBoy on June 05, 2019, 08:41:45 am ---There is a version of Windows, called Windows 10 LTSB, which as most of these garbage disabled by default. I had a quick play with it in a VM, and it is legit.

More info:

--- End quote ---

That is something I am going to check out along with Linux Mint.

I use and recommend Linux Mint XFCE. I have a C2D CPU and wanted a lightweight window manager. No other reason over the fancier options. It is as good as any a place to start. But I say this to all who approach Linux. The two reasons to choose Linux is to learn about it and as a lifestyle choice. It is just another OS. Ignore the religious zealots, and don't change because you hate Windows. Linux isn't perfect either.

I have a Linux PC under my fingers now and a Windows10 laptop next to it.

#linuxisalifestylechoice #LinuxMint

I'm still blocking with a router.  It's been a good solution.


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