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Windows 11: Why does Microsoft think they should change the START menu?

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--- Quote from: jukk on January 14, 2022, 02:47:04 pm ---I couldn't care less. Feels like I haven't used a start menu in years. Both in Linux and Windows I press the "Win" button and type the few first letters of the name of the application. It is found in a millisecond and started. Most used applications are pinned in the task bar (launcher/whatever), if I forgot their name. The desktop isn't visible ever, except for after startup. If your computer work consists of clicking the start menu all day long, you are doing something wrong. A good OS/desktop/window manager is almost invisible and stays out of the way while you work with the applications (unless you are the system administrator).

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While I do that sometimes, too, it happens with less used applications, since the main ones are in the START menu.

However, this has a nig drawback: often I don't remember the name of the application I want to run! Then the search begins...


--- Quote from: AntiProtonBoy on January 12, 2022, 11:36:46 pm ---
--- Quote from: SilverSolder on January 12, 2022, 06:08:49 pm ---Does macOS use a Registry in a similar way to Windows, or does it manage settings some other way?

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macOS has an Application Support folder located somewhere in the user's home. Each app creates its own subfolder under Application Support and store their custom state, config, etc in there.

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~/Library/Application Support/


--- Quote from: Bicurico on January 12, 2022, 09:41:55 pm ---I own an iMac and a Macbook Air (both purchased second hand for little money, just to get familiar with OSX and the Apple way). It is true that you remove a software by basically dragging it into the trashcan. But boy, there are many other things that freak me out on this operating system. To start with, it is really a closed environment. If you get an older iMac like I did, an "early 2009" one, you will find that there are many applications you can no longer install!
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That's because those "many applications" are written for a newer version of the OS with newer features that don't exist in the older OS. And, to be fair, an early 2009 Mac is going to be dogshit-slow Core 2 Duo.

--- Quote --- Most software needs to be purchased (even if it is for free) from the App Store.
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Completely untrue. Many software vendors find it convenient to put their software in the App Store, but I have a whole host of software installed on my Macs that I got directly from the vendors. Apple does not force user to get macOS apps from the App Store.

And yes, unsigned software will trip a complaint, but the work-around is well known.

--- Quote --- Here you find only the lastest version which more than often is not suitable for your OSX version (for no particular technical reason, btw.). But you won't be able to download an older version, either! Unless you have purchased it, which you can't, because the new version is not compatible.
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This is a long-standing complaint, but again, you don't have to get programs from the App Store. Many vendors choose not to, simply because they don't want to pay Apple to host the programs.


--- Quote from: Doctorandus_P on December 16, 2021, 06:46:35 pm ---If the'd make something that would work properly, then everyone wants to stick to it.

If Windoze users are happy with what they have, they do not want to "upgrade".

Therefore they constantly change silly things for no particular reason at all, and of course you are forced to use the garbage that they shove down your throat. If they gave you the choice to make your own choices (such as the start menu) then you would stick to those things that you like, and therefore stop wanting to upgrade.

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It's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.  They change things in updates and annoy users, but the new version of windows is even worse.  So people don't want to use what they have or upgrade to the newest ugliest version.

I agree with an earlier post that combining windows is the worst.  I have enough screen space to spread them all out, even when I have 12 things open in taskbar.

Still playing with w11

frustrating to say the least

as we know:  start menu, context menus, zip management, had to install startallback(for win11, not startisback)
battle win11 to install other web browsers,  this sucker  doesnt like you to change it,  and searching to install other browsers thru edge  give you a nice message  lolll

Icons and files icons, text size,  and the list goes on an ooooooonnn      wow   totally discouraged

Had to install an kbxxxxx package for the TPM / SSD   slugginess ....   just frustrated to use it nomally ??

On the ''edge'' to permanently switch to Zorin 16,  i'm running it thru an usb3 key,  impressive, i'm not at war with this Os to make it work the way i want it to be ...

Found out an ntvdm64 bit  software package,    i did manage to get old win95-98 era  16 bits applications to work under a 64bit machine, yessss  love you  win 10.

Win11 is a new vista  loll    can't wait for a win12  loll


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