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Windows 11: Why does Microsoft think they should change the START menu?

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+1 to the use of ClassicShell (now OpenShell), which puts back the old win7 start menu (or a few other choices). Articles indicate it works for win11 ...

It doesn't really matter which OS version they release ... I usually mod it to do what I want out of it (same for linux) ... takes a bit of 'net research and implementation, but I end up with a stripped down version of Win, built and operated the way I require.

Install the OS once, stripped of bloatware, to the SSD drive. All user/home stuff to an HDD (so it doesn't pollute the SSD drive). Turn off updates (until I want to run them), install my preferred app set (java, browsers, utilities, apps). Image the SSD once, update every once in a while. Backup only the hdd drive with user/home stuff (very small data backups from here on out).

Easy to patch, recover, etc.

If wanting a really pristine build, install DeepFreeze or similar to it, and protect it from unwanted changes being pushed at you, or inadvertent munges from software being tested. And of course, utilize VM software as much as possible ...

Hope this helps ...


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on February 04, 2022, 08:34:07 pm ---start menu, context menus, zip management

--- End quote ---
the start menu change is a shame, since I liked making little groups of shortcuts
And for the contextual menus and zip things, I'm used to peazip, so that now I have to roighjt-click, ask for all options, then I can do what I want.
Terrible decision, as usual, to not let the user choose.


The most important benefit of Windows 11 is that MS will now stop messing with Windows 10, making it (possibly) a stable, well sorted, and attractive option for a lot of people...

oh and the stupid volume control,  you have to hover the mouse on it to make it slide ?   maybe   futures upgrades will correct this behaviour ?

seriously  Msoft ?   :horse:  :wtf:

Interesting video I found today...


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