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Windows 7 change over and driver question

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Hi All,

I have a Pavilion G6 laptop that came with Win 8.  At some point the passwords were lost and we tried a system restore with the original disks.  It crashed half way through and the system was rendered useless.  I decided to try to revive it for use with my Arduinos to have something I could carry around.  I have a licensed copy of Windows 7 that after much fussing I got installed and running.  It works and I can get by I think but the ethernet and WiFi drivers are gone, like no trace of them.  I have searched and tried to find a fix but every driver I have tried to install fails at some point.  I would like to be able to connect to the internet to download code samples and such if possible.

Its Windows 7 32 bit.

Hp Pavilion SN 5CD25013T8

I am not very computer savvy so be kind :/

I have the 64 bit software and that may be my issue but I don't see anything that indicates this laptop can run it.  I googled a bunch on that and from what I found it should says something about 64 bit compatibility in the system tabs and it doesn't.

I appreciate any direction,



Pavilion G6 is a 64 bit machine and should run 64 bit software.

Great, I'll see if I can figure out how to swap the OS tonight and that might solve my problems. 

Thanks for the help!

A 64-bit operating system isn't mandatory on 64-bit hardware, it just means you aren't using the machine to its full potential (and severely limiting the amount of RAM you are able to use). You also won't be able to run 64-bit applications.

With respect to the drivers, if HP's website isn't of any help, I usually identify the chip/controller in question and look up the model of that chip. Generally, manufacturers will have generic drivers you can use. For the network adapter, you should be able to locate the controller somewhere near the Ethernet port on the motherboard, it's likely going to be an Intel, Broadcom or Realtek.

I was able to install the 64 bit Windows 7 without issues so at least I am not losing ground but the same driver issues are there. The device manager is saying no Ethernet connector and no network connector.  I am assuming when you say locate the controller you mean take it all apart and actually locate it on the board? 


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