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My D (data) drives are RAID1.  When I built the PC in 2015, I partitioned that 500GB pair with a partition (E) for temporary junk from the previous PC.  Instructions for Win7 to delete a partition refer to using IM-Magic Partition resizer.  It also mentions that using the Windows system, the volume does not actually disappear.  That partition is now empty.  Drives are Samsung SSD.

1) I usually go to a developer's site to download free software.  Is this the actual developer's site:
If not, is there a safe site?  I do not use CNET based on a bad experience years ago.

2) When the partition is deleted, is the whole drive available?  Is the partition letter available for a new drive?

I also downlowd stuff from the original website, Those download sites often add some nasty extras (dubious tools) to the installer to earn money. When you delete a partition on a drive (or RAID) with multiple partitions then the other partitions remain. You can easily resize the partition in front of the deleted one to add the freed space.


any deleted partitions could be or not be the full hdd size, you can have many partitions on a drive ...

m k:
Not actually disappear means that no actual deletion has happened so data is still intact, only its pointer is zeroed.
Means also that recovery is possible until its area is overwritten, just like with undeleting files.

Windows drive letters are not assigned by default, so next available is what new one gets.
That doesn't mean that new order is what you want, there are priorities, like internal over external and so on.
Means also that generally every boot does its shuffle and multiple thumb drives can be a hassle.


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