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Windows Home 10 1903 update Struck this morning

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Explorer is about all that is left of the system.

Any suggestions on getting my files & Outlook back?   :scared:

Do you have restore points you can go back to before the update? Windows (if you've enabled it) can take restore points before doing updates.  You can read more about it here.

It is just one of the first links I found. There might be better ones.

I use testdisk. Has saved me number of times now.

Do not boot from drive or write anything to the drive until you're done with recovery

Here is my plan so far:

I can see most or all of the missing files on the C-drive.  Not located Outlook yet, have not really tried.

Purchase a jump drive & copy the files on C.

Then go about restoring Windows 10.

Set up restore points!!

usually you have a number of hours when you can restore the system at BEFORE the critical updates, you have to boot in recovering mode


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