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Windoze7 fresh install oline activation

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What happened...

Well I'm glad I didn't waste any more time trying to activate that Win7 PC again.

It worked fine for 2 1/2 weeks, not even 1 problem, CPU mem and disk usage stayed low even with loads of tabs open.
And then waking from sleep out of the blue it blue screened instead of waking, on reboot there was nothing, using repair there was nothing to repair not even a C: partition. :horse:

I've since tried Win7 and Linux Mint on it, even after turning some of Mint's animations off Mint still seemed slower than Win7.

As it's a small and quiet PC and has worked fine for years, I might try re-flashing the bios, and then yet another cheap 160-320GB HDD on it.

Meanwhile got another working Win7 PC, £50. :)

check the capacitors in it   if they show signs of failure  ...


--- Quote from: StillTrying on May 05, 2021, 03:53:55 pm ---Will Win7 still activate online?

Freshly reinstalled Win7 end of December, online activation was no problem, have the Dell Win7+SP1 CD.

Slowness on large files soon came back, turned out to be the HDD. :palm:

Relaced HDD, only H/Wchange that's ever been done to this old PC AFAIK.

Fresh install, online activation gave the 80072EFD error, checked bios date/time is accurate, turned off firewalls, no antivirus S/W.

35 Hours later it's now showing something different, any bright, simple, free :) ideas to try next?

--- End quote ---

Nerdy adolescents refer to product names in this fashion. It's not "cool" to do so, it makes one not want to assist.

Windoze ?  8)


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