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Windoze7 fresh install oline activation

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Will Win7 still activate online?

Freshly reinstalled Win7 end of December, online activation was no problem, have the Dell Win7+SP1 CD.

Slowness on large files soon came back, turned out to be the HDD. :palm:

Relaced HDD, only H/Wchange that's ever been done to this old PC AFAIK.

Fresh install, online activation gave the 80072EFD error, checked bios date/time is accurate, turned off firewalls, no antivirus S/W.

35 Hours later it's now showing something different, any bright, simple, free :) ideas to try next?

Just call them as instructed.
You activated your copy too many times and they want to know the reason.
I had no problem (quite some years ago) activating my Windows after calling them.
Just be prepared to type many numbers and letters...


Jan Audio:
Is windows 7 still supported ?


--- Quote from: Bicurico on May 05, 2021, 05:16:55 pm ---You activated your copy too many times and they want to know the reason.

--- End quote ---

I don't know how many times would be too many? And how many times the OP actually activated it?

I can tell you I have a Win 7 install that dates back to 2009 and that I have kept cloning when I upgraded hardware instead of reinstalling. It has known several generations of motherboards, CPUs, and HDD/SSDs. Absolutely no issue, it always activated properly.

Dunno if there is a difference depending on the version, though. My Win 7 is the Ultimate version. Maybe it allows more activations? Or maybe the fact I cloned instead of reinstalling helped here?

The OEM versions are machine locked. They can never be moved to different hardware. When you buy a full version it's okay to move from machine to machine as long as only a single existence is in use.

If you know you're going to reinstall, you can make backups of the tokens and product key files ahead of time, then copy them to the new install which bypasses the need to reactivate. Not sure how much hardware change is allowed in that case though.

I replaced the HDD in a Windows 7 computer last month. It was easier to just use an external drive to make a full backup and restore from that to the new SSD. That left the original drive unaltered in case of any problems. I just used the built in Windows Backup and Restore.


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