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[solved] YouTube ads passing through uBlock after agreeing policy update


Today YouTube was keep nagging me to agree to their new policy.  Clicked accept, and suddenly I have 3 minutes or so ads inserted in front of an 8 minute video I was trying to watch.  Closed the window instantly.

If adblockers won't keep up with this, I guess goodbay YouTube, then.   ^-^

Anybody else having a not working addblocker after updating their youtube policy?

Hmm, no, cannot confirm that. I have accepted those new terms yesterday, and still no ads.
I have had it happen twice now though that Firefox decided to simply disable my ad block. Once was during that whole mess up with their certificates a couple of weeks back, and once, a bit more recent, just out of the blue. A computer reboot fixed that though...

Thank you for letting me know that, it made me take another closer look, and this time noticed that the uBlock Origin somehow got disable for the subscriptions page only,

Enabled it again, and now it's all working as expected.   :)


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