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[Full-time, hybrid US] Looking for RF engineer, low-cost tiny cell tower startup



My name is Arpad, I'm one of the co-founders of Beamlink, a startup working on a new type of cellular network made of small, low-cost cell towers (lunch-box sized) that can be deployed anywhere in the world, making it really easy and affordable to expand coverage to rural areas, hard-to-reach places, and communities with poor Internet access. We're a smaller team (5 full-time, a couple of contractors and senior engineer advisors), and we're looking around for an engineer with an RF background, experience in designing and testing RF things, and some PCB experience to join the team. Since I know it's an international forum here, we are looking for someone to work hybrid (some days on-site) in the U.S. but we can sponsor employment in the U.S.

If interested, we have our job posted on LinkedIn with all of the exact details:

Very much look forward to talking with some of you soon.

- Arpad


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