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[Job - Nottingham UK] Hardware & Software Design Engineer - £40K

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--- Quote from: free_electron on February 19, 2015, 07:23:59 pm ---Job description looks great. Salary ... I don't know what that region costs economically, but i think it's a bit low...

--- End quote ---

The salary is ok, £600 a month will rent a reasonable three bedroom house there

old gregg:
could be great to have the company's name and main focus. Could allow one to see if he can fit in.

The job looks very interesting and I find myself unexpectedly looking for one (management have decided software is more profitable   |O ). Unfortunately it's the location which puts me off - I'm really interested in Southampton and the surrounding area.

The jobs are now filled for the moment. If we have any more spaces I'll put another add up.


Degrees don't get engineers. I sit in an office full of air con engineers that can't work out and adapt to the problems of our air con system (granted not made by us) the concept of sytem and feedback is totally lacking.


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