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[Job - Nottingham UK] Hardware & Software Design Engineer - £40K

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Hey, the company I work for are currently recruiting for an electronic engineer to join the R&D department to work along side myself.

The role is product design from concept to production. It includes:

* Requirements Capture
* Electronics Design
* Firmware Design
* Prototyping
* Debugging
* Design Approvals
* EMC, RTTE,LVD etc...
* Production Test
Required Skills

* Electronics Hardware Design
* PCB and Schematic Capture
* Embedded Microcontroller design in C
* Degree Qualified in Electronics (2:1 minimum ideally)
Desirable Skills

* Low Power Design
* Radio Communications
* Notified Body Approvals experience
* Experience with Altium

The company is only small with 45 employees with an R&D team of 5 currently. The company is very profitable and has seen consistent growth in the last 5 years. Work is all based around internal products and there is currently a 4 year road map of new products to be brought to production.

If you are interested please drop me a PM and we can discuss it more.

Thanks Steven

Salary is up to £40K based on experience.

Glad we aren't asking to much. I've seen a lot of these threads go down in flames.

You looking for a change?  ;D

I have to ask, and I know it'd been ranted to death about, but does a degree qualification really matter?
I would have thought that industry experience would have been better OR a graduate?

And congratulations for not getting flamed! Seems to be a real achievement of late!  ;D

I guess it never hurts to apply. They never ever asked me to show my diplomas during a job interview or later on. If you manage to make a good impression it seems it doesn't matter whether you have a degree or not  ;D


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