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Lord of nothing:
I see you speak Schwizerdütsch?  :-+

Yes (o;

Read a book once from an Australian tour guide...he wrote about Swiss people:

"They speak a language, they don't write. And they write a language they don't speak." ;-)

Lord of nothing:
haha the never was in Austria. In Kärtnen some People speak something between English ans Austrian.  :-DD
IBM Searching for People:

Greatings from the Other End of Austria.  :-+

I think they use English as the standard language at Cern. I have to deal with some people over there for a project and it seems English is the common language. BTW, Zwitserland is a strange country though where it comes to languages. In the north the speak some kind of German (after Gruss Gott), in the west its all French and in the south you better know Italian.

Some minor thoughts.....also engineering projects accepted in the hardware/software field (o;


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