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[North Florida, USA] Full time EE research engineer position at NHMFL


We are looking to fill a full time research engineer position at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, FL, USA. This job involves designing, testing and building new electrical systems for the largest and most powerful superconducting and resistive magnets in the world. This is a very 'broad' position that will have you working on megawatt level power supplies to nanovolt level labratory measurements, setting up data acquisition systems for new experiments, or writing microcontroller code for embedded instruments.

The topline job description, pulled from this webpage, is listed below. If interested, please apply via the actual webpage as links here may not work.

--- Quote ---Job ID: 56372

Location: Tallahassee

Application Deadline: Open until filled

The MagLab’s DC Field Facility at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, Florida, is seeking a candidate to fill a Research Engineer position in our Electronics Shop, which is part of our multi-disciplinary Instrumentation and Operations team. The successful candidate will join a dynamic group of engineers, scientists, technicians and control room operators in maintaining, operating and expanding the capabilities of our user facility with the goal to provide the highest and highest quality magnetic fields to the (inter)national user community.

In particular, the instrumentation team of our user facility maintains and operates several high-field, world-record resistive, superconducting and hybrid magnet systems, along with four 14 megawatt DC power supplies, an industrial scale cooling water system and cryogenics plant with high reliability and operational uptime. The Electronics Shop is intimately involved in the design, maintenance and operation of magnet power supplies, magnet protection systems, custom-electronics circuits and systems for experimental setups, among others.

The successful candidate will assemble, test, install and contribute to the development of dedicated electronics and circuitry for power systems, equipment control and monitoring, magnet protection systems, and similar. Extensive maintenance and upgrades of existing hardware, troubleshooting of in-house as well as externally developed equipment is part of the daily work flow.

The DC Field Facility serves an academically diverse group of scientific users in a rapidly expanding range of scientific applications and suite of technology and equipment. Hence, continued personal development, acquiring new skills, as well as constantly expanding and evaluating our existing systems and developing new ones are part of the facility personnel’s daily work. Work in the laboratory, work shop as well as industrial environments and on high power equipment is part of this job, as well as extensive training and adherence to industry safety practices and standards.

Qualifications include a Bachelor's degree and two years of experience; or a high school diploma or equivalent and six years of experience. (Note: a combination of post high school education and experience equal to six years.)  Must have a background in electrical engineering, physics, electrical power technology, or similar disciplines.  Must have significant hands-on technical experience, preferably related to electronics assembly, repair and troubleshooting

Interested candidates should apply to Florida State University (FSU) job site at FSU Jobs and search  ID 56372 . For additional information, please contact Ms. Bettina Roberson, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University, 1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310-2740, Position is listed as Open Until Filled and applications are reviewed when received. The NHMFL is operated for the National Science Foundation by a collaboration of institutions comprising Florida State University, the University of Florida, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. FSU is an Equal Opportunity/Access/Affirmative Action/Pro Disabled & Veteran Employer. FSU's Equal Opportunity Statement can be viewed at:

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--- End quote ---

Your application is broken.

Apologies for not seeing your post earlier. Which part of the application did not work for you? I just tried the following steps and didn't encounter an issue:

1) Go to the linked FSU Jobs website and search for ID 56372
2) The search should return a job listing result with a 'View' button on the right side
3) Clicking 'view' should take you to the listing itself, with an 'apply' button in the top right corner
4) Assuming you don't already have an applicant account you'll be asked to make one
5) This should take you to the application page itself.

Which step was broken for you?

The application page is simply blank. No fields to enter anything. Firefox on Linux.

Thanks for the details, I've passed them along to our web team to see if they can re-create and then fix the issue.


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