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Hello everyone,

Company I am working with, Cambridge GaN Devices, is looking for electronics engineers, mainly in power electronics.

Current open positions:

FAE Manager
Applications Engineer
Innovation and IP Manager
Office Manager

For more details see open vacancies:

Our HR recruiter email:

As there is rapid growth within company and we are in need of skilled people in power electronics send you CV even if position is not listed. There are some prospective openings, which are discussed at the moment within company, but they are not listed yet.

Company is based in Cambridge, UK. If you don't mind relocating, then there is no problem when applying from around the world, be it Europe, US or Asia.

When writing directly to Matt, please refer Matthew and EEVBlog listing.

Hey guys and gals!

We are still recruting! Check out vacancies at new website:

Also, there is Software Engineer job position which is not listed yet. Main skills are Shell, C++, Python to help with creating testing GUI, automation of testing by communicating with test equipment and database managment. Embedded C is not required but welcomed greatly.

Doesn't matter where are you from - if you want to relocate to UK, company helps with that.

And as always, refer Matthew and post from this forum when applying

Where's Treez when you need him...


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Hahaha first person to make me smile today  :-DD


--- Quote from: CJay on May 30, 2022, 05:42:26 pm ---Where's Treez when you need him...

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He is still here, but has renamed himself (with the admin's knowledge).


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